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Trauma-Informed Singing Intensive

In the Summer of 2022, Meisner in Music hosted a weekend of specialists on the voice and trauma…

and we documented it all to share with you.

Enjoy in a year access to an evergreen course that includes:

  • 5 specialists
  • 9 lessons
  • 10 hours of intensive lectures and insights on how trauma can impact the voice


Upon making your initial payment, you will receive:

  • Immediate access to the intensive
  • Downloadable accompanying workbook with journal prompts, space for reflections, and suggested reading from our guest teachers
  • Once you have completed all of the lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion for our premiere Trauma-Informed Singing Intensive.

What the Intensive Covers:


Section 1 - Societal & Educational Impacts on Singing

Explore how society and our educations with music can have both indirect and direct impacts on our singing with host Jillian Paige and "Decolonizing Kiki" Dr. Kiernan Steiner. The section includes:

  • Part 1 - Opening Lesson on Societal & Educational Impacts on Singing - Jillian Paige
  • Part 2 - Voice Alchemy Session with Decolonizing Kiki - Dr. Kiernan Steiner


Section 2 - Personal Experiences' Impacts on Singing

Dig deep with voice-specialized experimental psychologist Dr. Elisa Monti and reflect with host Jillian and intensive attendees on how experiences in our personal lives can affect our singing. This section includes:

  • Part 3 - The Science of Voice & Trauma: What We (Don't) Know - Elisa Monti
  • Part 4 - Lesson & Discussion on Personal Experiences' Impacts on Singing - Jillian Paige


Section 3 - Trauma & The Singing Mind

Founder of the Mental Health Nonprofit Darkness Rising Carlita Victoria gives us tools to ground ourselves and find safety in our singing after trauma. This section includes:

  • Part 5 - Grounding, Boundaries, & Safety in Singing After Trauma - Carlita Victoria


Section 4 - Trauma & The Singing Body

Movement specialist and Founder of The Singing Body Clinic Jay Colwell leads us through a riveting talk on the brain's communication to us through our bodies and what this means for our singing. This section includes:

  • Part 6 - Trauma & the Singing Body - Jay Colwell


Section 5 - Trauma & The Singing Self

Book-ended by discussions and grounded in a two hour workshop with Jennifer Hamady, learn how our Selves are deeply connected to our singing and what we can do moving forward in the face of trauma.

  • Part 7 - Discussion and Lesson on Trauma & the Singing Self - Jillian Paige
  • Part 8 - Finding Your Voice: Psychology of the Singing Self - Jennifer Hamady
  • Part 9 - Closing & Reflection - Jillian Paige


Guest Teachers:

Hosted by Meisner in Music Founder Jillian Paige, the intensive lessons that you will receive are taught by:

 Dr. Keirnan Steiner - Decolonizing Kiki, LLC

  • Dr. Kiernan Steiner is a holistic vocal coach, conductor, and decolonization coach. In our session with her. Dr. Kiki presents a Voice Alchemy session on releasing stories of shame around the voice and deepening one’s relationship with their voice. Dr. Kiki combines meditation, body and voice activation, and singing to facilitate self-lead healing. Dr. Kiki also presents on her journey to decolonization, the implications it has had on siya’s educational philosophies and creativity, and the embodiment of decolonization in siya’s work as founder of Decolonizing Kiki LLC.

Dr. Elisa Monti - Voice & Trauma Research Group

  • Dr. Elisa Monti is a voice-specialized experimental psychologist and the co-founder if the Voice and Trauma Research and Connection Group as well as Monti Bianchi Performance Wellness. In Dr. Monti’s workshop, we explore difference approaches to looking at the trauma-voice relationship and reflect on how they inform our field, daily practices, and perspectives. Throughout this dialogue, we discuss different types of existing evidence on how trauma can impact the voice and reflect on related implications, limitations, and future directions.

Carlita Victoria - Darkness Rising, a Mental Health Nonprofit

  • Carlita Victoria (she/her) is the Executive Director of Darkness RISING Project, a nonprofit that strives to inspire conversations about mental health, address issues which directly affect the Black community, connect artists to mental health resources, and erase the stigma surrounding mental health. In her workshop, Carlita guides us in exploring how anxiety may appear in auditions and performances, shares her own testimonial about how trauma has impacted her physical, emotional, and mental experiences in auditions, and gives us support tools that we may use when singing, including movement and breath + sounds practices. Carlita then works with four singers in honoring where they are in the moment, creating safe spaces for themselves, and setting boundaries in the industry for their mental health.

Jay Colwell - Singing Body Clinic

  • Jay Colwell is the founder of the Singing Body Clinic and a certified coach and movement specialist. The psychosomatic components of trauma are vital for performers and musicians to understand in order to effectively apply their skills and talents within each unique environment and circumstance they find themselves in. Jay’s lecture and workshop dives into the modern world, stress, and adaptation, an overview of the physiology of trauma, social engagement, connection, and co-regulation, and tools and strategies for self-regulation.

Jennifer Hamady - Finding Your Voice

  • Jennifer Hamady is the founder of Finding Your Voice and author of The Art of Singing book series. She is a board-certified therapist and voice and performance coach helping singers to trust their inherent “inner knowing” of how t sing. In Jennifer’s interactive class, we explore the wisdom that our voices hold and tell. The biggest takeaways include knowledge about the impacts of neuro-linguistic programming on our voices and selves as well as the power of the voice and body to reveal and heal the wounds we carry.